Nasha Nadiya



Nasha Nadiya

Documentary «Nasha Nadiya»

Spring 2014, Sevastopol.

Russian occupants have come to the Crimea. The views of local people on this matter diverge significantly – some believe foreign military the saviors, others consider them invaders. After the referendum, there are mass celebrations. Pro-Russian-minded residents vigorously celebrate the reunion and sing the Soviet anthem.

Belbek, Sevastopol.

After the annexation thousands of Ukrainian military stationed in the Crimea remain useless without explicit commands from the leadership.

Slavyansk, Donetsk region, 9 May.

The conflict spreads to the east. In Slavyansk are Communist rallies calling for their own referendum. Unknowns in Russian military uniform capture local administrative buildings. Local security forces remain on the sidelines. Nadiya Savchenko explains why she decided to leave the the Armed forces of Ukraine. Formed volunteer battalions. These mostly consist of people from distant warfare. But after a month of active actions they can take most of the Ukrainian border under control. On the other hand separatists who also sincerely believe in their cause.

Nadiya Savchenko.

Video from the interrogation of captured pilot reflects her courage and bravery. Her sisterVira Savchenko shares her and other people's impressions about the video. Battalion Commander "Aydar" tells about the circumstances of abduction. Hope Savchenko is found on the territory of Russia, Voronezh jail. Mother, lawyer and Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine tell about Nadiya.

//     Meanwhile, the war in the East of Ukraine continues. Volunteers strongly support the fighters trying to provide them with necessities. Militants from different departments talk about everyday life in the hot spots of the country and the war continues today.



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